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The importance of trade as positive incentive in order to preserve the biodiversity is recognized more and more in the national and international scenario as can be seen from the latest market trends. There are numerous efforts being developed to promote the inclusion of environmental and social aspects in commercial activities, a tendency that constitutes an opportunity for the Peruvian entrepreneurial sector that works biodiversity resources responsibly.

In this context, the purpose of promoting products of bio, organic and fair trade in Peru is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the country’s rural areas on the basis of an adequate utilization of the biodiversity resources offered to present to the market that is demanding this type of product.

PERÚNATURA is the main platform for the promotion of products developed under environmental, economic and social sustainability principles; Biotrade, Organics and Fair Trade.

The tenth edition of PERÚNATURA will be held during the Peruvian Expoalimentaria Fair from September 28th to 30th.

What are we looking for?

  • Promote the Peruvian exportable offer of natural products managed under sustainability criteria.
  • PERUNATURA aims to make national and international markets accessible to all products based on the sustainable use of native biodiversity.
  • Link the offer with the demand for the generation of business and benefits.
  • Identify the potential, tendencies and progress of the business activity and of the ingredients and natural products sector.